The Gods and the Machines

It all starded almost 20 years ago, when a collection of statues from the Musei Capitolini in Rome was moved on a temporary basis, to allow refurbishment works, to the halls of a former power plant in the Ostiense area no longer in use for its original purpose. The marble works of art actually never left since, and the Centrale Montemartini represents a unique place where, as opposite to Tate Modern, the original machinery is still present and well preserved, so you can walk on the original tile mosaic floors, through boilers, turbines and engines, and spot here and there pieces of the Roman and Italian heritage. Certainly one of my favourite “secret” places in Rome.

Getting higher

Built at the end of the Sixties, the Fernsehturm (tv tower) is still the place to go to get as close as possible to the sky over Berlin. As in a classic sci-fi film, its Sputnik-shaped top and the interior brings you back to the Space Race with a hint of our vision of the future back then.

(still) Panem et circenses

In the contemporary “panem et circenses” (bread and games) scenario, people deserve the proper arenas to support the new gladiators. A notable one is certainly the Allianz Arena in Munich, which, with its rubber boat/car tyre shape, has become a city landmark. It can host up to 75,000 people with excellent view for everyone. What impressed me, obviously beyond the architectural elements and design, it is the size and variety of the permanent food stalls which are placed in the belly of the structure and run around its entire perimeter. Of course it is no longer “panem” but rather pizza, bratwurst and bier 🙂